The 7th Rangers takes pride in the readiness of its community. We have developed multiple trainings for the community that cover all aspects of Squad. We have trainings for new & veteran players with over 1000 hours can learn from. Our trainings cover things like basic role strategies, Emplacements, armor, Helicopter Flight, Recon and leadership.

BCT covers everything basic that you need to know to get onto the battlefield and have fun. Anyone can attend this training. 

Armor Phase 1 :A very in-depth course on how vehicles and Armor vehicles work in Squad. You will learn different armor strategies, how to drive, gun and be an effective crewman overall. Armor can change the pace of any game when its properly used. 

AIT Phase 1&2 : After BCT, this course in a very in depth look into each role in Squad. We will teach you how to use each weapon & optic. You will learn the capabilities and weakness of each faction and role. This course is the foundation for more advanced Squad game play. 

Armor Phase 2: An unforgiving test on your individual skill, knowledge, and comfort in engaging and eliminating armored targets while using armor. You will be placed in scenarios, some with clear advantage and some with a clear disadvantage, destroying your targets is your goal. Are you willing to show 7TH your proficiency with armor and have a chance to be allowed to play armor in our weekly events? Must have completed Armor Phase 1. 

The primary training course for all prospective 7th Rangers Tactical Aviation Company pilots is also available to all members SPC4 and above who want to learn more about flying. This white board theory lesson focuses on aerodynamics, rotor flight dynamics and squad specific tactics, techniques and procedures used by Tac Avn pilots that will lay the foundation on which the elite pilots of squad will build their skills on. Taught by a real RCAF CH-146 tactical helicopter pilot, this subject matter expert will share real world knowledge and experience as well as over 7000 hours in game to deliver elite training that produces the best pilots in all of squad. 

Learn how to disrupt the enemies back-lines, identify targets and clearly communicate the intelligence you gather to help the commander and other SLs make decisions on the battlefield. MUST BE SPEC4 and HAVE COMPLETED AIT PHASE 1 in order to take this course.