7th Rangers Regiment

The 7th Rangers Regiment is a US-based casual mil-sim community that aims to bring players together (experienced or new) through camaraderie to enjoy our common passion of gaming with an emphasis on tactical shooters and Mil-Sims due to our heavy Military/Veteran membership. Squad is the main focus of the community, but we have many subcategories. We have a top 50 NA ranked 100 slot dedicated public server and in addition we host and attend weekly events with other allied Squad clans. These events provide a more structured and tactical gaming experience as you are led through battle by seasoned squad leaders. 

regiment history

The 7th Rangers started in September of 2020. The regiment gained traction fast within the SQUAD community and were able to establish a strong foundation by February 2021 and was approved to host a public server. The community grew fast through winning events and being active on our server providing the ideal conditions with admins and leadership in game. The 7th Rangers grew to a top 30 NA server by December of 2021 and achieved the milestone of over 1300 members by February 2022. The regiment has always been valued by its members for ensuring all members from the top down are held to the same standard. Through the 2021 year the regiments leadership developed multiple trainings to advance our communities readiness. 

What we are looking for?


Events & Trainings 

How to Join 7th Rangers

Once you join our Discord, read and follow the directions in the welcome message that you'll be tagged in, in #new-recruits. Don't forget to request an interview in #interview-requests so you can join 7th Rangers. 

Think you've got what it takes to be a Ranger?