Active Duty

The Active Duty Roster is composed of dedicated Rangers that form squads of 9 players that train, play and fight together weekly. These Active-Duty squads have set Squad Leaders (SLs) & Fireteam Leaders (FTLs) along with established roles for each member in the squad. The Regiment is also equipped with a {RSTC} or Regiment Special Troops Company that specializes in the more detailed aspects of Squad. Support the Regiments Infantry fighting force with Transportation, Logistics & Reconnaissance through Helicopter support with Tac Avn. Become a top tier Armor professional mastering the variety of Main Battle Tanks {MBTs}, Infantry Fighting Vehicles {IFVs} & Armored Personnel Carriers {APCs} with our Armor companies. Overall, these warriors are a collaboration of skilled, dedicated & highly knowledgeable squad players that lead the Regiment in competitive Squad gameplay, both internally and externally. 

Junior NCO

Do you want to be a Fire team Lead (FTL) or Squad Lead (SL) in weekly competitive events or do you enjoy leading and training fellow Ranger's? Or maybe you would like to just be more involved overall in the community. Jr NCO do a lot for the community to include interviews, Basic Trainings and assisting other senior ranking members in the regiment. 

Events Team

This application is for our Events Team. This team is a huge part of the 7th Rangers and the Squad Community as the 7th is one of the Squad community leaders in Events. This team coordinates with other communities for the 7th Ranger's to compete in as well as recruits them to compete in ours. They handle all of the duties involved such as relationship building, finding & creating events/skirmishes and deciding who will be participating in those events. You will also likely be the main candidates who help create the battle plans and rosters for said events. 

Media Team

This application is to become a Combat Journalist with our Media Team. This team will be creating any and all content for the 7th Rangers Community This team will work closely with Media leadership and 7th Staff to outline, create, and execute quality content to be posted on all of our socials (Youtube, TikTok, etc).