Training, Events & Active Duty


The 7th Rangers takes pride in the readiness of its community. We have developed multiple trainings for the community that cover all aspects of Squad. We have trainings for new & veteran players with over 1000 hours can learn from. Our trainings cover things like basic role strategies, Emplacements, armor, Helicopter Flight, Recon and leadership.


We have a dedicated Events team that work to create fun and exciting operations/events. We host our own clan vs clan events as well actively participate in other community's events on a weekly basis. Some examples would be one life events, MIL-SIM complex operations, Super Fob attack & defense and more.
The Regiment has a dedicated server in the custom browser for trainings and events as well.

Active Duty Roster:

The 7th Ranger Regiment encompasses the "Big five philosophy": Leadership, Marksmanship, Communication, Small-Unit Tactics, and Mobility for the success of the individual Ranger and the Ranger mission. We have developed an Order of Battle for events to increase our combat effectivness. The Active Duty Roster or Active Duty (AD) is established 9-man squads that have their own specialties such as Recon, Anti-Tank (Heavy&Lite), Logistics. We also have subsections such as Armor and Helicopter teams.